A lovely Sunday! While many are off offering prayer or recovering from hangovers, I thought today was a great day to really shred up a few of the problem spots of my body I have been seeing.   I did pretty much a general upper body workout today but gave some special loving to 3 parts:

  • Inner head of the triceps
  • Back inner bicep
  • Interior upper chest

I just tried searching for diagrams to show my issues, but I couldn’t find any I liked so I did my best in paint:

Sunday Problems areas

Diagram of some personal issues

Sunday Problems areas


Usually from a rear view you want a nice horseshoe shape for your triceps, my outer head has some great definition, but the interior head has never picked up the same mass which leads to an un-even look.  Today I used a Triceps rope and did pull downs making sure to really spread the rope apart at the bottom of the movement, this really got these muscles pumping!



I have always had a strange issue where despite good sized arms I have always had an odd flat spot leading into my shoulder joint where it looks like the muscle has just deflated or died, obviously we can’t be happy with this!  To rip out my arms I performed 1 arm dumbbell preacher curls making sure that at the top of every movement to really turn my wrist inward so that the pinky side of my hand was pointed at me as much as I could.  As I hit this turn at the top of the motion I watched that little flat spot of my bicep really pop and come alive.  This “extra rotation” is something that needs to be done during my regular workout more to make sure I am getting the most value out of every repetition.



It’s summer, time to get that chest ready for the beach, I was looking in the mirror and feeling I needed to pump up to be ready for this year!  This is a problem area for a lot of guys I feel as we get into such a heavy bench routine for chest that we don’t take the time to work in other exercises like fly’s there is a lot of musculature to the chest, to get it how you want it you really have to make sure you are working every piece.  Today I did incline dumbbell fly super-setted into dumbbell incline press.  This was the killer exercise of my day that had me going for water afterwards, the key is to not cheat and let the dumbbells rise up to far in the motion or you come out of your target zone and have wasted all your hard work!


Hope this helps some of you who may have similar issues, and if not I hope this inspires some of you to turn your weakness’s into strengths and to think when you are sitting around doing nothing you could be improving your-self for the better!


So by now you may have noticed that there has been no new content here in a while, the problem is I don’t have the time for nice well thought out posts anymore in my life, I have been very busy since I dreamed of dunking (which by the way is not going well at all ).

I decided that in order to give everyone who loves this blog more content I am going to slightly change formats and do more smaller posts, not as small as micro-blogging but hopefully just fun things that are on my mind or things I’d like to share.

This does not mean we will stop hunting for the answer of what it means to be strong, we are just going to try to solve the question in a different way!

One day I want to be able to dunk a basketball.

One day I want to own a Great Dane.

One day I want to own a Gym.

One day blah blah blah!

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Men playing sports or working out will ultimately produce a few things: sweat, blood, quotes, funny stories, and brief moments of glory.  Today I decided to share a few of the latter with you for your enjoyment (I doubt you really want my sweat or blood).

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Lately I have come to a conclusion on a few things in my life.  I miss hitting on girls.  I have had a g/f for a while and I have hit a point where my manly tendencies say follow that ass and make it yours!  I had been pretty good about this for a while, and it has nothing to do with the relationship going south (it’s going quite well to be honest), I just happen to think picking up girls is well . . . fun!

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